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We are an Exclusive Canine Country Club!

  • VBK9CC is now able to take SPECIAL NEED DOGS. All staff is trained & certified.

At Vero Beach Canine Country Club, Inc., we know that your pets are part of the family, and we make them part of our family while they’re here—whether they come for a day or spend a whole vacation with us.


What we offer ....

Day Care 



Hurricane Boarding

Luxury Baths


Swim Lessons


Nature Walks on our five-acre trail!

You’ll find a clean, welcoming environment, friendly staff, and room for your little (or not so little) ones to run and play. Let us know if you’d like to arrange for a visit.


Here are some facts about our facility:

There are three separate air-conditioned/heated dog playrooms; one for our smaller guests and seniors, one for our medium guests and another for our larger canine guests! Each room has a TV with couches for the dogs to relax on. 

These playrooms are designed to look like family rooms, like a home away from home! 

  • Situated on 5 acres, with lots of trees

  • 24 hour monitoring with camera security system since we live here as well! 

  • Food bowls are disposable so there's no need to disinfect and our guests are fed individually and separate from the others

  • Each room has a drain in it so it’s easy to hose down. 

  • Play rooms are washed and hosed down daily

  • Waste is picked up as soon as it’s dropped

  • Washers and dryers on site

  • Bedding is cleaned daily

  • Doggy doors are open during the day so dogs can enjoy the dog room or play outside in the secured fenced-in area under supervision

  • The fence is 6 feet high with chicken wire all the way around base underground so no dogs can dig their way out. (Besides they are too busy having fun and they don't want to leave!) 

  • Three fenced-in play yards (one for small guests, one for medium guests and one for large guests.) 

  • Doggy doors are closed at night. 

Established 2002 . Licensed, Bonded & Insured